Is Your Divorce Contested Or Uncontested?

In Kentucky, divorces are classified as either contested or uncontested. Sometimes spouses can mutually agree on every item within their divorce agreement before going their separate ways, but often there are sticking points where an agreement cannot be reached. Whether you and your spouse wish to amicably resolve your divorce issues or you believe court intervention is necessary, attorney Todd K. Bolus will use his 25 years of family law experience to help you reach your goals.

Since 1988, Mr. Bolus has practiced law in the Louisville, Kentucky, area and has an in-depth knowledge of the law governing marital separation. He has represented clients who needed help with child custody arrangements, visitation, property division or alimony. He has helped clients who were married for many years, newlyweds, and couples with significant wealth or who ran a family-owned business. Whatever your situation entails, Mr. Bolus will provide honest advice and will work hard to get your divorce concerns resolved as quickly as possible.

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How Should Your Divorce Be Classified?

An uncontested divorce, also referred to as a simple divorce, is when both spouses agree on all issues that are required to end their marriage. This does not mean that the couple did not have to work out details or make concessions; it merely means that judicial intervention was not required. Mr. Bolus will take note of your goals/needs and lead negotiations with your spouse and his or her counsel. Many people prefer to negotiate their own agreement to speed up the divorce process and save money by avoiding certain court costs.

Contested divorce occurs when a couple is unable to agree on one or more items such as spousal maintenance or child support, which requires the court to determine the final arrangements. Attorney Bolus knows what the court looks for in these instances, and he will be well-prepared to protect your rights in court. He realizes that your divorce agreement will affect your life for many years, so he makes sure your voice, opinions and circumstances are heard.

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