Making Changes To An Alimony Award

Alimony orders are issued in light of your circumstances at the time your divorce is finalized. Over time, these orders can become outdated, or a change in your circumstances might make it necessary to modify an existing alimony agreement. With 25 years of family law experience in the Louisville area, attorney Todd K. Bolus is ready to listen to your situation and help you resolve your spousal support issues.

As an experienced Kentucky alimony modifications lawyer, Mr. Bolus has built a long-standing reputation for getting results and providing exceptional client service. He understands the importance of having spousal support arrangements that are fair and reflect the needs of both parties. Our firm is here to represent your needs if a change of circumstance has rendered your alimony agreement outdated, or if you would like legal help to prevent a modification from taking place.

Contact Mr. Bolus' post-decree modification law office online today or give him a call to arrange a free consultation to discuss about your situation. Todd Bolus will provide honest, candid advice on how you should proceed.

What Has Changed That Affects Alimony In Your Case?

Following your divorce, your alimony agreement either awarded you payments or required you to pay them to your ex-spouse for a certain period of time. If you have experienced a material change in circumstances since then, however, it is possible to apply for a support modification.

It is important to be represented by an experienced family law attorney because courts carefully scrutinize modification requests to ensure they are absolutely necessary. By preparing a personalized strategy and a strong case, Mr. Bolus will help you achieve your goals and make your alimony payments reflect your current situation.

Items courts will analyze include whether there has been a/an:

  • Involuntary job loss or a reduction in work hours
  • Material change in income
  • Injury or illness preventing a spouse from working
  • Medical debt that makes paying alimony difficult
  • Remarriage
  • Additional children

We will discuss your situation, and Mr. Bolus will determine whether you qualify for spousal support modifications. Our firm realizes the tremendous impact these obligations have on your life, so we make it our mission to provide results as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Contact A Jefferson County Divorce Modification Attorney

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