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Of all of the emotional child custody disputes that arise in the course of a family law case, many of the most troubling swirl around substance abuse, addiction and how to handle restoration during or after a period of rehabilitation. During the period of active addiction, truly awful things frequently occur - abuse, neglect, emotional manipulation and childhood exposure to very adult misbehavior and criminal concepts.  For most people who are suffering from addictive conditions, once courts intervene, all but the ones in their most extreme phases of denial will acknowledge that their parental involvement should be restricted (if not suspended altogether) while they get their lives on track.  What happens afterward is where the difficulties arise.

Practical tips to remember in high asset divorce

Many Kentucky spouses rely on their partners to handle all matters related to finances in marriage. Some whose marriages did not last later recognized this as a big mistake when they suddenly faced tremendous challenges negotiating high asset divorce. It's difficult to fight for assets rightfully owned if one is not even aware of one's own financial status in the first place.

Making a list is often a resourceful means of compiling financial information when preparing for divorce. It's important to know exactly what income, assets and financial accounts exist. It's also crucial to understand what liabilities there are as well, for knowledge and power often go hand in hand in divorce.

Women, reduce divorce stress with these 5 tips

Divorces are stressful, and there's no real way around it. Emotionally, they're exhausting, and physically there's much to be done before the divorce is able to finalize. You have to collect documents, evidence and negotiate with your spouse, all of which is taxing.

There are ways to reduce stress, though. Here are five things you can do to lower your stress levels as you focus on changing your life.

Judge rules on complicated child custody case after divorce

As many Kentucky residents know, it is not always easy to keep a marriage intact for a lifetime. Divorce is seldom without complications, however, even under the best of circumstances. When three parents are involved, child custody situations can be downright stressful.

Such seems to be the case in a particular situation in another state. Three adults (two of whom were married and engaged in a consensual relationship with the third) have become entangled in a child custody battle. The court ruled that each of the three should have custody rights over the 10-year-old boy they have all raised together.

Taxes, Marriage Dissolution and Kentucky Law

In any dissolution, questions about taxes loom large, particularly during tax season. In most families, one partner has traditionally assumed the responsibility of preparation of household financial documents and continues on with the chore out of habit. Sadly, with the shattering of the trust that comes about from the end of a marriage,there also comes a reluctance on the part of the partner who hadn't previously prepared those documents to cooperate.

Personal rights and best interests: Two main focuses of divorce

Whether you've been married for three or more decades, or have yet to reach your tenth anniversary, if you and your spouse have determined it's time to go your separate ways, you may be searching for answers to many questions. If you have never before gone through divorce, you might be worried about things like finances, property division or whether you will have full custody of your children. Kentucky law, as all other states, contains various guidelines regarding such matters.

It's understandable you want to protect your rights and keep the best interests of your children at heart as you make plans to enter a new lifestyle. Especially if you have particular needs regarding financial support or custody-related issues, you might find the process less stressful if you seek assistance from an experienced family law attorney. As your advocate in court, an attorney can help you obtain an outcome that best suits your needs and helps accomplish your goals.

What if a spouse refuses to play by property division rules?

It's no secret that divorce can be a very messy process. Many in Kentucky who have gone through it know how stressful and complicated it can be to end a marriage in court. From emotional turmoil to financial disagreements and problems regarding parenting plans, it's well and good to hope an agreeable settlement will be achieved in a timely manner, but it doesn't always turn out that way. In fact, many times contentious battles arise, especially when a spouse tries to hide assets to avoid property division.

Full disclosure is the name of the game when it comes to asset division in divorce. Although state laws vary, and it's best to go in armed with information (such as whether a particular state is a community property or equitable division state), it's not always possible to foresee potential problems. When negative surprises occur, it can be quite challenging to overcome the obstacle and rectify the situation.

Divorce did not stop Tarek and El Moussa from working together

Kentucky fans of the popular TV show, "Flip or Flop" may also be aware that the show co-hosts were once married but now are not. Christine El Moussa and Tarek are the parents of two children, and recently spoke about various challenges they have faced while continuing to work together on the set since their divorce. Although not every couple who ends a marriage in court is famous, many might be familiar with business-related problems that can surface during the process.

Tarek and El Moussa say their marital split happened slowly over time, and they already felt a great disconnect before actually filing for divorce. As often happens, their relationship suffered when Tarek was treated for two kinds of cancer. They're certainly not the first people to say that health-related issues took a big toll on their marriage.

Thinking of divorcing? Here's what you can expect

After more than 10 years of marriage, you and your husband have decided to divorce. Ending a marriage is never easy, especially when children are involved. You have to deal with deciding who gets custody, how the two of you will divide marital assets, and possibly even filing for alimony. The process can be extremely stressful and emotional for you and your children.

Regardless of whether your divorce is complex or simple, it is important to start with the basics. A local Kentucky attorney can help you with the divorce process and advise you on how best to proceed. However, knowing what to expect will help to relieve the stress of starting over. Read below to learn about the basics of Kentucky divorce laws.

Alimony and taxes: What one has to do with the other

It's coming upon that time of year when many Kentucky residents are preparing their tax returns. This year will be different for those who were divorced and began receiving alimony in 2016. Various issues can arise if one is not fully aware of all tax laws and how spousal support may impact one's tax return.

Those on the paying end of alimony may actually be glad when tax season rolls around. This is because they can claim their payments as deductions. The Social Security Number of the recipient is used by the payer, who gives the number to the Internal Revenue Service so it can verify the amount claimed.

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