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Kentucky residents may want to block out negative divorce stigma

It is not unusual for many Kentucky residents to have mixed emotions when it comes to ending their marriages. They may feel relief due to leaving an unhealthy relationship, but they may also feel as if they will be judged for going through divorce. However, parties who do feel the need to discontinue their marriages may not need to place stock in the views of others when it comes to their personal situations.

Because divorce does sometimes come with a negative stigma, many people may wish to remember that this life change does not indicate a failure. In fact, choosing to end the relationship may be a positive aspect of a person's life, especially if the marriage had abusive or otherwise toxic factors. Therefore, individuals may wish to look at their situation as making the best decision for themselves and any children involved.

Divorcing with multiple real estate holdings

Divorce is rarely a simple matter, but the more complex a couple's assets, the more opportunities there exist for conflict to arise, especially in the property division portion of the divorce process.

We've all witnessed or experienced divorces near to us where the process ran off the rails and got unnecessarily messy for everyone involved. The good news is that this doesn't have to be the case with your divorce. Even if you have complex assets, you can keep your divorce civil with professional guidance from an experienced attorney who understands the nuances of complex asset division.

High asset divorce may have Kentucky residents feeling tension

Though each divorce case is different, there are certain factors that could make some cases have a higher chance of facing complications. Dealing with a substantial amount of money is one of those factors. High asset divorce cases often face additional tension, arguments and stress as each party works toward the results they desire most.

One divorce case currently underway in another state may be of interest to Kentucky residents. Reports stated that the case involves the founder of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, his ex-wife and many millions of dollars. Apparently, the man believes that his wife should receive far less money than she is hoping to gain in spousal support as his legal representation offered $9,000 per month as a counter to her desired $400,000. 

Support and perspective may impact Kentucky divorce cases

For many Kentucky residents, marriage can become tiring. Having to deal with the same arguments, irritations and other issues day in and day out can easily lead individuals to feel burned out. As a result, they may begin considering divorce, but they may also worry that such a process could prove just as exhausting to handle.

Luckily, parties may be able to take steps to help themselves feel less overwhelmed by ending a marriage. One major step that could lessen the stress is for individuals to have a support system. Because divorce can be an emotional and tense time, having close family and friends to whom parties can vent and discuss issues may allow people to feel less as if they are in the situation alone.

Many Kentucky resident may feel stuck when it comes to divorce

Feeling stuck in a situation happens to most people at some point during their lives. They may hate their job or where they live but feel as if something is holding them back from moving on to better circumstances. For many Kentucky residents, fear of moving forward or of making the situation worse may result in parties avoiding divorce and remaining in unhealthy relationships.

Taking steps forward from a difficult marriage can be exceedingly difficult. Therefore, individuals should not feel shame if they have been putting off divorce proceedings. However, they may wish to examine the ways in which they could potentially face their apprehensions in order to give themselves better lives. Assessing the aspects of the relationship, its issues and the emotions involved could help people determine what their best moves could be.

Business valuation may play role in high asset divorce cases

Being a business owner and a spouse can be a rewarding combination. Kentucky residents may feel that they have achieved both professional and personal success due to each of these roles. Of course, parties can hit snags in running a company and in attending to a marriage, and if the latter heads for a high asset divorce, understanding business valuation may be prudent.

Knowing the value of a company can have many benefits. If a person is looking to sell a business or gain investors, this value could play a significant role in how much potential buyers or investors feel willing to give. When it comes to divorce, the business valuation can impact the outcomes of property division proceedings. Because valuation can be tricky at times, reassessing the value often may be smart.

Thinking of divorce? Don't do this!

Whether you have been married for five years or twenty, divorce is never easy. However, the longer your marriage, the more time you had to acquire marital property, which then leads to a more complicated divorce in many cases.

It is inevitable that you and your future ex-wife will have to divide marital property such as the house, the cars, the furniture and even your retirement and investment accounts.

Prenups may streamline Kentucky property division

Because the items individuals accumulate over the courses of their lives often hold important meaning to them, it can be difficult to part with those items. In some cases, Kentucky residents may feel a great sentimental attachment to property while other assets may have significant monetary value. As a result, when a married couple chooses to divorce, the idea of going through property division proceedings may seem daunting.

Of course, individuals could take steps to help lessen the stress of this process by creating a prenuptial agreement. Though many people may think it tactless to bring up such a document, it can potentially have beneficial uses. Couples can specifically define what should be considered separate and marital property and how gifts given between spouses should be addressed.

Why would someone have a post divorce party?

Some in Kentucky may be considering severing their marital ties. Divorce is seldom easy, and reaching out for support is often key to getting life back on track. A woman in another state has been through divorce twice. In fact, she started a new company based on her personal experiences.

The woman decided (after her second divorce) to host a party for herself, including registering at a local department store the way brides-to-be traditionally do for bridal showers. In this particular situation, instead of selecting the bridal shower category on the registry, she chose "other" instead. She said hosting the party really helped her form a healthy and positive outlook regarding her future.

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