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Divorce may be on the horizon if these issues exist in a marriage

Apparently, Kentucky couples facing marital problems may be more likely to sever their ties if certain issues are present in their marriages. For instance, those who have daughters are allegedly more prone to divorce. Those with college degrees, however, are typically more inclined to keep their marriages intact.

When a spouse is repeatedly unfaithful, either in virtual online connections or in-person affairs, there's usually a high chance the other spouse will file for divorce. Those with higher paying jobs and financial stability seem to divorce less often than those with lower incomes. Also, the wedding day itself is often a factor in divorce.

3 things to consider if you're divorcing with a business

When you and your spouse have worked hard to build up your business, you don't want anything to yank it away from you. If you are married and decide to go through a divorce, there is a chance that you will have to address issues with the business.

There are several things that you must think about, especially if you aren't currently a part of the day-to-day operations of the business. Make sure you think about these three points so that you can ensure that everything regarding the business during your divorce is on the up-and-up.

Divorce, children, Easter and visitation issues

Many Kentucky parents face tremendous parenting plan challenges when they choose to sever their marital ties. Divorce is often a complicated, messy process. Holidays like Easter, that were once normal components of the family's yearly routines, suddenly become focal points of contentious debates regarding who will spend which holidays where.

This week, families throughout the nation will be sharing feasts and fun for Easter. Some parents will be doing so with their children in blended family atmospheres for the first time. Just as many former spouses run into obstacles at Christmas with identical gifts under both trees, misunderstood communication regarding pickup times or where kids will spend the night, etc.; so too do problems surrounding Easter often arise.

How will property division laws affect your divorce?

When married people in Kentucky file for divorce, they typically face a variety of challenges regarding several important issues. At the top of the list (if they have children) are matters concerning child custody. Financial issues are also often the subject of disagreement between spouses (even during marriage); thus, property division laws, child support, alimony and other money topics may add fuel to the fire when it comes to trying to reach an amicable agreement.

As for property division, most of the final decisions in that regard lie with the court, unless the parties are otherwise able to agree. All states operate one of two ways in divorce: either under community property or equitable distribution guidelines. Kentucky, along with the majority of other states, follows the latter system. In fact, there are only nine states in the nation that use community property laws.

Celebrities like Halle Berry no strangers to divorce problems

Kentucky couples who have married for any length of time understand what it's like when communication problems arise within a marriage. Some are able to resolve such issues with little fanfare. Others, however, never quite find their way back on track and decide, instead, to divorce.

When there are children involved, disputes often occur over various matters pertaining to their future care.  Celebrities are no strangers to such problems. Jon Gosselin said he does not even get to choose which four of his eight children he sees on his visitation days, and claims to have gone an entire year without seeing one of his sons. Other celebrities have been ordered to pay substantial amounts of child support, such as Halle Berry, who must pay $16,000 per month until her daughter turns 19. Mel Gibson, on the other hand, was accused of assault and pleaded no contest to the charge; he was sentenced to probation.


Of all of the emotional child custody disputes that arise in the course of a family law case, many of the most troubling swirl around substance abuse, addiction and how to handle restoration during or after a period of rehabilitation. During the period of active addiction, truly awful things frequently occur - abuse, neglect, emotional manipulation and childhood exposure to very adult misbehavior and criminal concepts.  For most people who are suffering from addictive conditions, once courts intervene, all but the ones in their most extreme phases of denial will acknowledge that their parental involvement should be restricted (if not suspended altogether) while they get their lives on track.  What happens afterward is where the difficulties arise.

Practical tips to remember in high asset divorce

Many Kentucky spouses rely on their partners to handle all matters related to finances in marriage. Some whose marriages did not last later recognized this as a big mistake when they suddenly faced tremendous challenges negotiating high asset divorce. It's difficult to fight for assets rightfully owned if one is not even aware of one's own financial status in the first place.

Making a list is often a resourceful means of compiling financial information when preparing for divorce. It's important to know exactly what income, assets and financial accounts exist. It's also crucial to understand what liabilities there are as well, for knowledge and power often go hand in hand in divorce.

Women, reduce divorce stress with these 5 tips

Divorces are stressful, and there's no real way around it. Emotionally, they're exhausting, and physically there's much to be done before the divorce is able to finalize. You have to collect documents, evidence and negotiate with your spouse, all of which is taxing.

There are ways to reduce stress, though. Here are five things you can do to lower your stress levels as you focus on changing your life.

Judge rules on complicated child custody case after divorce

As many Kentucky residents know, it is not always easy to keep a marriage intact for a lifetime. Divorce is seldom without complications, however, even under the best of circumstances. When three parents are involved, child custody situations can be downright stressful.

Such seems to be the case in a particular situation in another state. Three adults (two of whom were married and engaged in a consensual relationship with the third) have become entangled in a child custody battle. The court ruled that each of the three should have custody rights over the 10-year-old boy they have all raised together.

Taxes, Marriage Dissolution and Kentucky Law

In any dissolution, questions about taxes loom large, particularly during tax season. In most families, one partner has traditionally assumed the responsibility of preparation of household financial documents and continues on with the chore out of habit. Sadly, with the shattering of the trust that comes about from the end of a marriage,there also comes a reluctance on the part of the partner who hadn't previously prepared those documents to cooperate.

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