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December 2016 Archives

Seeking guidance regarding alimony in Kentucky

Courts in Kentucky and throughout the nation have much discretion when it comes to matters of spousal support after divorce. Whether to grant alimony, to whom and how much, are all pertinent topics that may be addressed in court. Gone are the days when a woman automatically receives spousal support payments from a man in divorce. Nowadays, one, both or neither spouse may be granted alimony, depending on a particular court's decision.

What snooze buttons have to do with divorce

Many Kentucky residents can relate to hearing an alarm clock ring in a new day, leaving them fumbling in the dark to reach the snooze buttons on their devices. Some say there is a certain type of procrastination in marriage similar to hitting a snooze button that may be a red flag warning for divorce. It has to do with severe communication breakdown in a marriage.

What will happen to my house in a divorce?

If you own a home, it is likely so much more than just an "asset." That home contains some of life's happiest memories. It could be where you raised your children, celebrated holidays, played in the yard or sat around the dinner table as a family.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. headed for divorce proceedings

Former congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his wife of 25 years, Sandi Jackson, have chosen to end their marriage. Jackson is the son of Jesse Jackson, Sr., the well-known Baptist minister and civil rights activist. The younger Jackson appears to be facing several contentious issues in his divorce, including who will have custody of the former couple's children. Many parents in Kentucky can no doubt relate to such problems.

Navigating parenting issues after divorce

Kentucky parents facing the complicated parenting challenges that can arise after the end of a marriage know how difficult it can be to resolve these issues peacefully and beneficially. Divorce can be complex for the younger members of the family, but a co-parenting plan may provide stability and continuity of lifestyle for the children. When choosing to co-parent, it is critical that the terms of the agreement be thoughtful and sustainable so as to avoid future legal complications.

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