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February 2017 Archives

Divorce did not stop Tarek and El Moussa from working together

Kentucky fans of the popular TV show, "Flip or Flop" may also be aware that the show co-hosts were once married but now are not. Christine El Moussa and Tarek are the parents of two children, and recently spoke about various challenges they have faced while continuing to work together on the set since their divorce. Although not every couple who ends a marriage in court is famous, many might be familiar with business-related problems that can surface during the process.

Thinking of divorcing? Here's what you can expect

After more than 10 years of marriage, you and your husband have decided to divorce. Ending a marriage is never easy, especially when children are involved. You have to deal with deciding who gets custody, how the two of you will divide marital assets, and possibly even filing for alimony. The process can be extremely stressful and emotional for you and your children.

Alimony and taxes: What one has to do with the other

It's coming upon that time of year when many Kentucky residents are preparing their tax returns. This year will be different for those who were divorced and began receiving alimony in 2016. Various issues can arise if one is not fully aware of all tax laws and how spousal support may impact one's tax return.

Preventing angry outbursts in divorce

It's no secret that many married couples in Kentucky suffer serious communication breakdowns as the years go by. This is often a key factor leading to divorce. When two people are barely able to be in the same room without fighting, working through child custody, financial and other important issues may be challenging.

Money and divorce: How to make sure you don't go broke

If Kentucky readers who have ended their marriages in court were to take a survey, answers to questions regarding what their biggest challenges were during the process would surely vary. Every situation is different, but most who divorce would agree on one thing: it's never easy. A main concern for many parties includes money; more specifically, how not to lose it all.

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