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A post-decree modification can make your divorce fairer

When you and your former spouse went through the divorce process, emotions were probably high. Chances are that if you had to go through hearings and court, you didn't agree on critical issues, like asset division and child custody or visitation. You may have pushed intensely for a certain outcome, only to feel disappointed with the outcome. When the courts issue the final divorce decree, you may think that you're stuck with things the way they are. However, in some situations, it is possible to have your divorce decree modified after the courts finalize your divorce.

Alimony: A quick history lesson on why it exists

Spouses who are forced to pay alimony, and spouses who have the right to receive alimony tend to view the fairness of alimony in a very different light. This is natural. In a lot of marriages, the spouses don't part on good terms, and the last thing the so-called "moneyed" spouse wants to do is send a check to his or her ex on a monthly basis.

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