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Resolving Divorce Issues Involving Business Ownership

The property division phase of a divorce is challenging for most couples, and perhaps no more so than when business assets are involved. Questions about the ownership of the company, how much it is worth and how much it appreciated during the marriage must all be answered. Whether you are the business owner or the spouse of the owner, make sure you retain an attorney who understands the unique issues you will face in your divorce.

I am Louisville attorney, Todd K. Bolus. I provide powerful representation, based on 25 years of experience, to business owners and spouses who are getting divorced. I am a skilled negotiator who will make every attempt to resolve the matter amicably. I am also a proven trial lawyer who will not hesitate to go to court to protect your interests.

Talk to me about your concerns as a business owner facing divorce. I will help you evaluate your options and advise you on how to address your property division issues.

Accounting For Business Assets And Liabilities

For Kentucky business owners, the proper valuation of assets is crucial. Accurate determinations of value are necessary in order to ensure a property settlement that both parties can live with — and one that allows the company to continue to operate.

I work with business valuation experts, accountants and other professionals whenever needed. This allows for a complete accounting of all of a business's property, including:

  • Commercial real estate
  • Inventory
  • Trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Business goodwill
  • Appreciation
  • Business loans and debts

In most cases, both spouses want to keep the business up and running, if only since it offers maximum financial benefits to both of them. One party usually buys out the other. But there are situations where a buyout cannot be negotiated and the company must be divided (either the profits are divided or the company itself is split into two separate entities). Whatever scenario you face, make sure you have an experienced Louisville lawyer like me on your side.

Talk With An Experienced Lawyer About Your Business In Divorce

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