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Resolving Alimony Issues In A Kentucky Divorce

Alimony, called spousal maintenance in Kentucky, allows financial support to be given by one spouse to the other. The duration and amount of support can vary depending on the type of support, and it is not awarded in all divorces. An experienced attorney can help you determine if alimony is suitable for your situation.

My name is attorney Todd K. Bolus. For more than 20 years I have been representing clients with all aspects of divorce, including matters related to spousal support. I have extensive knowledge of alimony, and can give your case an honest and straightforward assessment. Whether you are seeking support or defending against a request for support, I am fully prepared to advocate for you through strong representation in negotiations and in the courtroom.

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Is Spousal Support In Order In Your Case?

When dealing with a divorce and issues related to spousal maintenance, it can be difficult to understand your rights and know what to expect.

As an experienced Louisville alimony attorney, I take great professional satisfaction in helping people solve their problems and bring order to chaotic situations. I provide my clients with reasonable expectations at every step in the process, and help them achieve their goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our firm also realizes that alimony arrangements might need to be changed down the road. A change in circumstances such as a job loss, illness or remarriage can render your spousal support agreement outdated. I have significant experience obtaining or preventing alimony modifications, and will fight hard to ensure any payments reflect your current situation.

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