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Divorce and Estate Planning

A divorce has a profound effect on a couple's estate plan in Kentucky law.  While there is no legal effect up until the entry of a decree of dissolution, once that decree is entered, any disbursements or powers granted to the other party to the dissolution by will are treated as if that party died on the date of the decree.

Summer Holidays and Child Custody

Another summer holiday is upon us, bringing about the all too frequent set of disputes about holiday and summer parenting time in child custody cases.  Over our years of practice, we've seen this time of year create needless lost time and stress.

Avoiding Ridiculous Divorce Advice

Over the years, I've had occasion to deal with a surplus of ridiculous advice given to people facing the worst event of their lives - their divorce.  This advice can create many problems - discord between litigant and lawyer, poor strategic decisions and unnecessary disputes between the litigants.  Once the bad advice is given and taken to heart, it takes a great deal of time and effort to dispel and results in significant expense of the litigant.

Parenting After Divorce - A Primer

Kentucky legislators and judges have a lot to say about matters of child custody and parenting time in divorces.  There are hundreds of statutes and thousands of pages of judicial opinions addressing issues of jurisdiction, of best interests, of factors to be used to determine what happens in modifications and what happens when someone leaves the immediate area.  Sadly, in all of this material, there is very little said about how to act as a parent.

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