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Property division and important divorce-related money issues

As Kentucky readers are well aware, divorce brings with it a myriad of financial complications that must be dealt with appropriately in order to establish a strong post-divorce future. Property division is a matter that can lead to acrimony and disputes, leading to emotionally driven decisions. A final settlement should always be based on what is best long term, not temporary feelings of anger or frustration.

The financial impact of divorce for baby boomers

As Kentucky readers may know, many older Americans are choosing to end their marriages later in life, a decision that is sure to have a serious impact on retirement. Baby boomers who are already retired or approaching retirement could face major financial changes, and many find it necessary to adjust retirement plans. Statistics indicate that women are especially susceptible to the financial impact of a gray divorce

Effectively navigating difficult divorce issues

Kentucky readers who plan to end their marriage or those who are already involved in the process may be concerned about the difficulties ahead. Divorce is hard, but with the right perspective, it is possible to work through these issues with minimal emotional damage and without the need for litigation. An experienced family law attorney is a good resource and invaluable ally during this time.

Gray divorce and the financial impact on retirement

For Americans age 50 and up, retirement is rapidly approaching. While most Kentucky readers have been making retirement plans for years, divorce can halt these plans and quickly change financial options for older individuals. The high and increasing number of retirement-age adults who are divorcing has led to widespread use of the term gray divorce. Gray divorce, while complex, does not have to result in financial devastation.

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