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Alimony not what it used to be in Kentucky or elsewhere

There's no telling what types of challenges may arise when a Kentucky couple decides to end their marriage in court. Many common issues often surface, such as those pertaining to child custody, visitation and/or alimony. The latter is definitely not what it used to be in that there is no presumption that a wife will automatically receive spousal support from a former husband.

Divorce inquiries part of new year for many in Kentucky

Some Kentucky readers may be surprised to learn that January has apparently been dubbed "divorce month." This is due to an increase in inquiries, by means of the internet and otherwise, related to the topic during this month each year. Many people reportedly delay intentions to file for divorce until after their holiday seasons are over.

Private School and College - A Kentucky Family Law Obligation?

A family law question which occasionally gets asked of this office is whether someone can be court-ordered to pay the costs of private education as a part of child support. I also hear queries about whether Kentucky law requires someone to pay college expenses or child support to a parent who has a college student living in their home. My usual answer is that in the absence of a written agreement,  payment for private education won't be required unless there are some special educational circumstances involving specific learning difficulties and a professional recommendation advocating attendance at a specific private school.

Divorce and business: What one has to do with the other

Many people in Kentucky will do many things for the first time in their lives in 2017. For some, this will include divorce. Others who have gone through the process understand the many challenges that can arise regarding future care and upbringing of children, division of assets and other divorce issues. One aspect that is often overlooked (until it's too late) is business interests.

Focusing on family in divorce

Most couples who marry in Kentucky do so with the intention of honoring a lifetime commitment. The reality is, of course, that many relationships do not last that long. Divorce rates continue to be high throughout the nation, with large numbers of spouses parting ways after the age of 50.

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