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Is divorce dangerous to your health?

Many Kentucky residents who have ended their marriages in court can attest to the often stressfulness of the process. Divorce is almost never easy, and most couples who choose it as the most viable option for resolving their problems wind up facing significant challenges in court before all is said and done. A recent report suggests that divorce may be more than just stressful, however; it actually stated that it appears to pose a health risk as well.

How the court determines who receives alimony and who doesn't

When a Kentucky couple chooses to sever marital ties, the decision is usually just the beginning of a court process that is often lengthy and complex. When children are involved, many decisions and plans need to be made regarding their future care and financial provisions. Some spouses, as well, are unable to make ends meet on their own after divorce, especially if they placed their careers on hold to stay home and raise families during marriage. This is why the court sometimes determines alimony appropriate in a particular divorce situation.

A post-decree modification can make your divorce fairer

When you and your former spouse went through the divorce process, emotions were probably high. Chances are that if you had to go through hearings and court, you didn't agree on critical issues, like asset division and child custody or visitation. You may have pushed intensely for a certain outcome, only to feel disappointed with the outcome. When the courts issue the final divorce decree, you may think that you're stuck with things the way they are. However, in some situations, it is possible to have your divorce decree modified after the courts finalize your divorce.

Hidden assets may complicate divorce in Kentucky

No two situations are exactly the same, and it's up to every Kentucky married couple to determine the course of their future. Some will be among others throughout the nation who choose to divorce. Proceedings may be rather simple, with little to no obstacles arising in the process. Others may face significant challenges regarding child custody, business issues or hidden assets.

Don't cut ties with your parenting rights in divorce

Issues involving children are typically the ones that evoke the strongest emotions when Kentucky married couples choose to sever their ties in court. The divorce process is never exactly the same twice. Every situation is unique, and the court does its best to render appropriate decisions that protect parents' rights and keep the best interests of children at heart.

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