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Property division: What if one spouse disposes of marital assets?

When it comes to a divorce, Kentucky is an equitable distribution state. The general rule for property divisions is that the spouses must divide their marital assets according to what the court will regard as fair. Divorcing spouses can work out the split themselves; otherwise, the court will do it for them. Sometimes, one spouse might be vindictive and attempt to spend down assets before the property division can take place.

Alimony modification possible under certain circumstances

Court orders that are issued in a Kentucky divorce are binding. However, child support, alimony, child custody and parenting orders may be subject to modification in the future. Life is unpredictable and unforeseen circumstances may hamper a person's ability to oblige. However, the burden to prove significant changes in circumstances will be on the person seeking modification.

Divorce: Some spouses make the breakup rougher than average

Ending a marriage is seldom easy; however, when both parties approach the process like adults, the stress and trauma are sometimes limited. A Kentucky spouse might notice that his or her divorce is heading the way of those that are rougher and more traumatic than the average breakup. Recognizing the signs may help that person to deal with the challenges he or she will be facing.

Divorce: Kentucky parents benefit from new shared custody law

Prior to Governor Matt Bevin signing House Bill 492 into law on April 12, it was common for child custody to be awarded to one parent in Kentucky. One of the two parents typically had to fight for shared custody after divorce. However, many parents are benefiting from the new law that presumes joint custody. Under the new law, custodial arrangements are automatically divided equally, except under certain circumstances.

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