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What are valid reasons for seeking alimony modification?

When a person in Kentucky seeks a modification to court-ordered spousal support, there must be significant changes to one's circumstances to justify such a petition. While the court sometimes orders temporary changes in cases of job loss or illness that causes severe hardship, permanent modifications can be sought. Modifications to alimony can be requested by either the paying or the receiving party.

How is car insurance separated in divorce?

Ending a marriage is painful, regardless of how amicable it is. While dealing with child-related issues and property division, which are typically the primary issues in a divorce, it is not unusual for some Kentucky couples to forget about separating vehicle insurance. When both spouses are listed as the insured individuals of the policy, they need to change that. However, there are rules with which to comply.

Hidden assets could impact the asset division process in divorce

There are a lot of things people worry about when filing for divorce. Some common concerns include how to divide the custody of minor children, possession of the family home and the division of assets. When it comes to asset division, the more assets in your marriage, the greater the potential for contention and disagreement about how to fairly divide them between spouses. If you can't agree on your own, then the courts will have to take over and resolve the matter.

Avoid the perils of property division with proper planning

A significant number of people in Kentucky who have lost a spouse through death or who are divorced, choose to remarry later in life. Invariably, both parties have accumulated assets over the years, and it would only be natural to want to protect those assets. Many of these couples have already been through the property division process after one or more previous marriages, and they will not want their assets landing in the wrong hands.

Divorce -- is it better to wait for the children to graduate?

For parents in Kentucky, deciding to end a marriage is as traumatic and challenging as for other couples across the country. It is not unusual for people to endure unhappy marriages because they want to spare the children the trauma of divorce. While this is a process that will be tough for the entire family, the psychological harm caused by prolonged exposure to discontent could be more damaging.

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