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Congress passes new alimony tax revision

For approximately the past 75 years, divorced couples knew who would have to foot the bill for certain settlement agreement funds. Recently, though, Congress took the old tax law and reversed the person who now is expected to pay taxes on any alimony funds. The new law will go into effect in 2019 and may impact some Kentucky residents.

When divorce involves contentious child custody issues

A case that remains ongoing in another state is a prime example of things that can go wrong when parents are battling for who should remain the primary parent of their children in court. Many divorce situations in Kentucky include acrimonious disputes regarding parenting plans. The woman in this particular case was brought up on criminal charges after she took her infant son out of the United States without first obtaining the court's permission.

A prenup could protect you from a difficult divorce

Although prenuptial agreements were not very common a few decades ago, they are used by a much wider cross-section of people these days. No longer just for celebrities or superstar athletes, the modern prenuptial agreement helps couples plan for the worst before committing to one another. For many couples considering getting married, especially those who already have substantial assets or good careers, prenuptial agreements offer legal protection from the chaos of divorce.

Support available for those facing divorce problems in Kentucky

When you first got married, you likely never imagined that you'd one day go to court to end it. Many Kentucky residents likely relate to that situation. Although the reasons for wanting to end a marriage may differ from person to another, those whose marriages do result in divorce typically confront many similar issues.

Woman who practices Islamic faith facing major divorce problems

There are many people in Kentucky currently trying to resolve child-related issues with their former spouses. Divorce is seldom stress-free and custody problems have a way of flaring tempers and prompting contentious courtroom battles. A woman in another state who is a naturalized U.S. citizen says her former spouse's extremist Muslim ideas are a detriment to her son.

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