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There are ways to lessen the pain of the divorce process

Just as the decision to marry is often filled with emotions and expectations, the end of one can be just as emotional, though usually not in a beneficial way. Instead, the divorce process can be terribly taxing -- both emotionally and mentally. Because divorce is a distinct possibility for many Kentucky residents, it may be helpful to consider some suggestions that may reduce some of the turmoil and discomfort.

When can you modify your child or spousal support order?

For many working spouses, the most frustrating aspect of a difficult divorce is the court-ordered support. Whether it's spousal support, also known as alimony, or child support, it can feel like a major financial burden. However, the state of Kentucky takes great pains to ensure that support is as fair as possible to everyone involved.

Valuation of business important step in property division

Those who have spent years in sweat equity, building a family business, are often left financially devastated in the aftermath of a divorce. One way to help protect a business is to ensure that it is properly evaluated before it comes time for a judge to rule on the property division aspect of a dissolution. It is likely that there are many Kentucky business owners who are worried about how an impending divorce will affect their venture going forward.

New law considers welfare of pets in divorce proceedings

Americans have a love affair with their pets. In many cases they treat them as fur-covered children, and now, in some divorce proceedings, the court will do the same. While there is no new law that will affect Kentucky residents at this time, the matter can create much debate when spouses are seeking a dissolution.

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