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When can you modify your child or spousal support order?

For many working spouses, the most frustrating aspect of a difficult divorce is the court-ordered support. Whether it's spousal support, also known as alimony, or child support, it can feel like a major financial burden. However, the state of Kentucky takes great pains to ensure that support is as fair as possible to everyone involved.

A prenup could protect you from a difficult divorce

Although prenuptial agreements were not very common a few decades ago, they are used by a much wider cross-section of people these days. No longer just for celebrities or superstar athletes, the modern prenuptial agreement helps couples plan for the worst before committing to one another. For many couples considering getting married, especially those who already have substantial assets or good careers, prenuptial agreements offer legal protection from the chaos of divorce.

Hidden assets could impact the asset division process in divorce

There are a lot of things people worry about when filing for divorce. Some common concerns include how to divide the custody of minor children, possession of the family home and the division of assets. When it comes to asset division, the more assets in your marriage, the greater the potential for contention and disagreement about how to fairly divide them between spouses. If you can't agree on your own, then the courts will have to take over and resolve the matter.

Gray divorces: A costly impact late in life

As someone approaching retirement, the last thing you expected was to be navigating a divorce. Gray divorces, or divorces that take place among Baby Boomers or those married 40 years or longer, are devastating for some. Not only is the relationship ending, but the finances of the couple become a concern.

Alimony: A quick history lesson on why it exists

Spouses who are forced to pay alimony, and spouses who have the right to receive alimony tend to view the fairness of alimony in a very different light. This is natural. In a lot of marriages, the spouses don't part on good terms, and the last thing the so-called "moneyed" spouse wants to do is send a check to his or her ex on a monthly basis.

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