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There are ways to lessen the pain of the divorce process

Just as the decision to marry is often filled with emotions and expectations, the end of one can be just as emotional, though usually not in a beneficial way. Instead, the divorce process can be terribly taxing -- both emotionally and mentally. Because divorce is a distinct possibility for many Kentucky residents, it may be helpful to consider some suggestions that may reduce some of the turmoil and discomfort.

New law considers welfare of pets in divorce proceedings

Americans have a love affair with their pets. In many cases they treat them as fur-covered children, and now, in some divorce proceedings, the court will do the same. While there is no new law that will affect Kentucky residents at this time, the matter can create much debate when spouses are seeking a dissolution.

When divorce involves contentious child custody issues

A case that remains ongoing in another state is a prime example of things that can go wrong when parents are battling for who should remain the primary parent of their children in court. Many divorce situations in Kentucky include acrimonious disputes regarding parenting plans. The woman in this particular case was brought up on criminal charges after she took her infant son out of the United States without first obtaining the court's permission.

Support available for those facing divorce problems in Kentucky

When you first got married, you likely never imagined that you'd one day go to court to end it. Many Kentucky residents likely relate to that situation. Although the reasons for wanting to end a marriage may differ from person to another, those whose marriages do result in divorce typically confront many similar issues.

Woman who practices Islamic faith facing major divorce problems

There are many people in Kentucky currently trying to resolve child-related issues with their former spouses. Divorce is seldom stress-free and custody problems have a way of flaring tempers and prompting contentious courtroom battles. A woman in another state who is a naturalized U.S. citizen says her former spouse's extremist Muslim ideas are a detriment to her son.

How is car insurance separated in divorce?

Ending a marriage is painful, regardless of how amicable it is. While dealing with child-related issues and property division, which are typically the primary issues in a divorce, it is not unusual for some Kentucky couples to forget about separating vehicle insurance. When both spouses are listed as the insured individuals of the policy, they need to change that. However, there are rules with which to comply.

Divorce -- is it better to wait for the children to graduate?

For parents in Kentucky, deciding to end a marriage is as traumatic and challenging as for other couples across the country. It is not unusual for people to endure unhappy marriages because they want to spare the children the trauma of divorce. While this is a process that will be tough for the entire family, the psychological harm caused by prolonged exposure to discontent could be more damaging.

Divorce can adversely impact retirement funds

Ending a marriage in Kentucky is a challenging process with many issues to consider. It is therefore not unusual for people in the throes of a divorce to forget to think how their retirements will be affected. Even if a person is not close to retirement age, the existing funds in the retirement account may have to be shared between the two spouses, leaving a considerably reduced amount in savings.

Divorce: Prenuptial agreements can serve many different purposes

At the time when a couple in love wants to focus on nothing else, that conversation about a prenuptial agreement is dreaded by most. Kentucky couples may be interested in why six brides said, although they felt apprehensive, they signed prenups and are happy they did. The first bride said all her future husband had to do was to remind her that, regardless of their current happiness and love for each other, each of them had previously gone through a divorce that left them with less than what they would have wanted.

What does the discovery process in divorce entail?

Although mediation is becoming a popular method of negotiating settlement agreements when marriages end, not all Kentucky couples manage to keep communication channels open. The procedures in a litigated divorce are typically more complicated than those avoiding the court. The first steps -- before going to divorce court -- will involve the process known as discovery in which the attorneys of both spouses will try to find out details of the opposition's planned arguments in order to prepare a strong defense strategy.

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