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Your Family Law Dispute and Your Job

Whenever family law disputes are occurring (be they divorce, custody or some post-decree modification), there is significant stress that impacts all facets of a litigant's life with relation to job performance, debt, money management, routine household tasks and productivity.  With employment, statistical studies of large-scale employers usually reflect 50-75% drops in productivity by the worker in such an action, as well as a "ripple effect" among the co-workers and line managers who struggle to adjust and cover for the productivity loss.

Divorce Finances and Big Mistakes

In many cases of divorce, when both people emerge from the process, they feel as though they've been through an emotional and financial wringer. Often the results appear only after a stretch of time. Here are five resolution pitfalls to consider.

Kentucky Same Sex Divorce - On Hold

While other states move quickly to legitimize their same sex marriages both in ceremony and divorce (Florida being the latest - its attorney general, Pam Bondi, however attempting to challenge and zealously endeavoring to preserve the sanctity of her two previous failed marriages), Kentucky is still hanging on to the bloody flag of tradition, aided by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Child Custody Battles - Listening

Child custody cases frequently bring out the worst in parents.  All too often, parents seek to extend conflicts into aspects of childrearing that have previously not been problematic between them.  These battles can occur over previously mundane practices and events from routinely scheduled family gatherings to outdoor fishing trips, and seldom are the desires of the children themselves taken into account.  in fact, on all too many occasions, the concerns of the children are ignored completely.

Child Custody and Military Deployment

On review, child custody decisions in situations where servicemembers face extended deployment at sea or abroad are seldom easy.  Where both parents are presumably fit, it is intuitive that the nondeployed parent should generally obtain primary custody; however, where there are problems with parenting by the nondeployed parent, the decisions are much harder.  In this office, we are well aware of these issues, and can assist in fashioning appropriate solutions and arguments.

Family Law, Your Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers

All through 2012, I warned people who are in a family law dispute about being cautious about the information shared over social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, and implored restraint on the texts they exchange.  Sadly, folks are still saying cathartic things in the heat of the moment, and I wind up either using them against a litigant or defending against their use against my clients. What they never seem to realize that judges in Louisville are more than willing to base portions of their rulings on statements made over media designed to broadcast to the public.

Children and Divorce

Divorce, while emotionally difficult for the parents, is infinitely harder on the children.  Questions of custody and the allocation of parenting time bear heavily on the parents, not to mention the question of what happens on a parental relocation as a matter of Kentucky law.

Divorce Planning Tips

Having a family law practice with a heavy concentration of divorce work for 25 years creates a significant base of practical knowledge.  Much of that knowledge should be intuitive, but sometimes, it can be difficult to comprehend for a person going through the emotions of the moment.  There are multiple conflict points which can sap emotional well-being and can lead to poor or unfocused decisions. When going through this process, it is extremely important to do the following:

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